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Present yourself with confidence and authority! 
In today's fiercely competitive business arenas, etiquette is simply another tool you need. 
It will give you the extra edge that will make the difference between you and that 
other person who is just as smart. "Business Etiquette for Today" 
will empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority.
Communication Skills - How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room - 
Handshaking-The Ultimate Greeting - Introducing Yourself and Others - 
Forms of Address - Eye Contact - Rising to the Occasion - Business Communications - 
Total Quality in the business Arena.
Everything to help you 'Outclass the Competion' !

Dining Skills for Today

Essential Dining Etiquette for Business or Pleasure. Includes 3-5 Course Tutorial Luncheon or Dinner! 
Learn how to entertain those all important business clients with confidence and class, and learn the 
difference between Continental and American dining styles, how to handle the myriad pieces 
of silverware and glasses, who precedes whom at a restaurant, how to handle the receiving line, etc. 
A knowledge of International Protocol is indispensable in today's global arena. 
Learn the essentials of entertaining those vital overseas clients, and to outclass the the competition!

Dine Like A Diplomat !

Heighten your dining skills whether conducting business internationally or domestically 
and acquire the polish of a knowledgeable world-class executive.
(Includes 5-7 course tutorial luncheon or dinner.)