Upcoming Programs

Colorado (Fall Programs)

Etiquette for Business

Savvy Leadership Skills for Graduates and Young Adults

Acquire the social savvy to handle yourself in every situation - business and social - 

and "Outclass the Competition".

October 29th, 2017

Hotel Colorado (1893 Room}


Inaugural pricing: $225.- includes

Training, Materials, and 3-course Tutorial Dinner

Certificates will be awarded.

For further information or to enrol, please call: 970-208-7159

or go to: www.classicetiquette.com 

Children's Programs:

9am to 1pm

Includes 3-course tutorial luncheon

Introduction to Etiquette 

This fun and informative class will address essential table manners, and entry level social encounters. A three course tutorial luncheon will be served. Each participant will receive a copy of the printed materials and workbook to keep as a souvenir and for reference. 

Certificates will be awarded. Gift Certificates are available.


9am - 2:30pm (Ages 15 and older)

Essential Etiquette for Today

This is a comprehensive etiquette class for teenagers 15 and older, and adults who wish to refresh their etiquette skills. The class covers a full range of etiquette instruction designed to cover the most critical social situations from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond. This fun and up to date class includes a 3-4 course tutorial luncheon. 

Certificates will be awarded. 

Gift Certificates are available.

For further information please call: 970-208-7159